EEC - Ellenberger Engineering Company

The division fireworks developed from the Ellenberger Engineering Company in 1983.
Rainer Ellenberger was the first to deal with the traditional craft of fireworks as an engineer.
Today we use our knowledge and experience , that we gained from many physical and chemical
investigations, to design our fireworks displays.
Even for the most unusual requests of our customers, we will find a solution...

click on the image to get to the gallery you can see above, where the project "glowing pyramid" was realised in Karlruhe (Germany).
For that reason, a symbol of the city was recreated in original scale. In a giant kiln, in form of a pyramid, 1600 triangular, ceramic tiles (2,6 tons) were heated up to 1000° C. These glowing tiles enlightened the scene with a spooky light.